About Us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

Build the best product that creates the most value for our customers, use business to inspire and implement environmentally friendly solutions.

Our Vision

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

Our Team

At MNA Health shop, the team brings together a rich expertise and enthusiasm for health and wellness. Leading the charge is a visionary with over three decades of experience in the natural herbs industry, deeply passionate about connecting individuals to products that enhance their lives.

The general manager, a former athlete with a profound understanding of fitness and nutrition, curates a product selection that bridges the gap between wellness and the science of the human body.

The assistant general manager, with a degree in business and a keen insight into marketing, ensures that customers receive exceptional support and service. The associate manager, a burgeoning expert in natural products and herbal medicine, is expanding their knowledge through specialized cannabis education. 

The finance manager, with a background in finance and collegiate sports, guides the shop’s financial strategies while contributing to community service and sports coaching. 

Product development and customer service are headed by an innovative thinker who excels in identifying market trends and fostering business partnerships. 

The sales team, including a health enthusiast and a detail-oriented engineer-in-training, enhances the customer experience with their knowledge of hemp products, supplements, and natural remedies. 

This collective expertise and dedication make every visit to MNA Health shop a journey toward improved health and wellness.

Meet your team of natural specialists at
MNA Health Shop

Marty Burman

Marty is the owner and operator of Burman’s Health Shop and has been educating customers and the community about natural herbs for 30 years.

Born and raised in Greater Philadelphia, he was a student-athlete at York College of Pennsylvania, studying marketing in the classroom while earning an MVP on the field.

1996, Marty has served customers at Burman’s, rooted in a deep passion to connect people to products that help them live better.

Ted Matthews

As the general manager, Ted is a passionate advocate for natural healing, wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

As a former bodybuilder and powerlifter, he understands the physiology of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Ted has been the Manager of Burman’s Health Shop for over 5 years and carefully curates product selection and educational resources.

Ted’s extensive research and understanding of every product line benefits every customer we serve.

Kasey Fitzpatrick

Assistant General Manager

Kasey Fitzpatrick is a Graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania who studied Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. She is from Delaware County, PA and is very knowledgeable about supplements and natural products. Kasey is always there to help our customers with the incredible support and service they need! She is extremely excited to bring her business and marketing skills to Burman’s Health Shop!

Samantha Farber

Associate Manager

Samantha Farber, our Associate Manager, is full of great information of natural products and herbal medicine.

Samantha started at Burmans in December of 2020 and is an avid Cannabis advocate. She is currently enrolled in Burman’s world class Cannabis Educations model powered by Green Leaf.  Samantha will complete her certification in May of 2022.  Samantha, although in high school, is a caring and educated team member on Cannabis Vapes, Tinctures and Edibles as well as Natural Products that keep our customers healthy.

Ben Burman

Finance Manager

Ben Burman is a Susquehanna University Graduate who studied finance and was a member of the SU’s Baseball Team 2016-2019. Ben collected 125 hits as a River Hawk and collected 2 Landmark Conference Championships.

When not serving individuals for their insurance or retirement planning needs, Ben spends time analyzing and forecasting trends inside Burman’s to help better serve you, our valued customer. Along with giving time to community service, Ben is an active Semi Pro Baseball player and a High School Coach at Episcopal Academy (where ben graduated HS) in the Philadelphia Suburbs.

Leo Burman

Product Development & Customer Service

Leo Burman at a very young age has shown that he can introduce new products to the market place and forecast trends that increase our business nationwide. Leo works on our digital media voice overs with his awesome voice. Leo continues to work with other businesses in the Cannabis Industry to increase multi channel avenues of revenue. A true Business partnership builder.


Sales Associate

Tori is the newest Sales Associate at Burmans. Tori helps customers make informed decisions about Hemp products, natural supplements including herbs, Vitamins and homeopathic remedies. Tori’s interest in holistic health gives Burman’s Customers a deeper understanding on how they can improve their health outcomes. Tori resides in Delaware County and enjoys music, fine dining and dancing. She also loves our delicious CBD/THC frozen Slushies!!

Donald Gilmour

Sales Associate

Donald is the newest member of Burman’s Health Shop. Donald is a skilled Team Member who provides customer service and an experience you will not forget when you meet him.  He is responsible for retail sales, Phone Customer Service and our Burman’s Help Desk.  Donald is studying engineering and is ready to make expert recommendations on nutritional and hemp products.